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History in "reel" time

 Many history lovers like me pine for the "good old days" (which can be basically any time previous to our own), and lament how many aspects of our society and culture have degraded. But one thing that I do love about living in the 21st century is our technology. Today, we can really have the best of both worlds -- if we want to adopt vintage dress and decor and lifestyle, we can do so... while still enjoying conveniences like climate control, modern medicine, and the internet.

Take YouTube and other video sharing sites like Rumble and Dailymotion, which allow us to watch videos of literally anything we want on demand. 

Of course there are thousands and thousands of channels geared towards history, and several that specifically dedicate themselves to video footage of the past, often in high quality color. The people who take the many hours of time and effort to restore and make available these snippets of history in reel time (see what I did there?) are awesome and deserve big thanks. 

Here's an example of such a video -- two and a half minutes of life in 1920s New Jersey recorded on motion picture camera.  

AI isn't perfect, and we shouldn't assume that the coloring is completely accurate -- but even so, think of these people just going about their normal daily lives 100 years ago, unable to even imagine that a century later people around the world would be accessing and watching these videos of them on various screened devices. 

This is really the closest we can come to a time machine.