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Fun with photos

 A few months ago, MyHeritage introduced a feature where you can upload old photos to their site and colorize them. Since then, they've added to their photo feature the ability to "enhance" (sharpen) photos, and even animate them! Just very recently, they've added the ability to "repair" photos that are creased or torn or spotted.

It is truly amazing how all of these elements can really bring old snapshots to life-- almost literally, in the case of "animating" them. 

Now, these features aren't perfect... for example, the colorization isn't completely accurate. -- e.g., people who I know had blue eyes come out with hazel. And sometimes there are some weird reddish-purple blotches that appear. The enhancement option often adds clarity to faded pictures, but sometimes, it tries to "fill in" things that aren't there and that don't look right; it tried to give a rather blurry photo of my 3rd great-grandmother a wide, toothy smile. And repair doesn't always repair everything. 

But all in all, I'm very impressed with MyHeritage's photo editing capabilities -- it's especially fascinating to upload photos of historic people, colorize, and animate them. Whoever thought that one day it would be possible to see the faces of presidents, military heroes, and our own ancestors staring back at us with blinking eyes, head moving, and smiling?

My mother Shirley, c. 1947, with her Japanese spitz Snowball. The photo has been colorized, enhanced, and repaired.

An animated photo of Laura Ingalls Wilder at age 17, c. 1884