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A trip through Paris in the late 1890s

Arguably, the Golden Age of Paris, France was a period called “La Belle Epoch" (“The Beautiful Era"), which lasted roughly from the 1880s to the outbreak of the First World War. Just last week I got a book full of photos of Paris in the 1890s -- the height of La Belle Epoch -- that I couldn't resist: Paris in Photographs, 1890s by Alex Toledano.

It's available on Amazon. It's found a home on my coffee table, along with a couple of other French-themed decorative books. 

And if you'd like to take a color video trip through Paris in the late 1890s, here's a real treat:

It's amazing how color photos and videos of a (to us) black and white or sepia world make the past so much more real... like you could step into the frame. Yes, fashions and technology might have been different, but people themselves haven't changed a bit.