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In 1919...

It's been a long while since I've done one of these year-end posts, in which I, at the end of December, take you back 100 years instead of doing an end-of the year recap. Much more fun! So what was going on in 1919? Average life expectancy for men in 1919 was 53.5 for men and 56.0 for women. I noticed, looking at the stats for other years, that life expectancy the year before, in 1918, was only 36.6 for men and 42.2 for women, down drastically from the year before... this might be puzzling until you remember that the Spanish Flu pandemic swept the world that year, killing millions. The President of the United States was Woodrow Wilson, unfortunately (sorry, my fingers got Tourette's there). The average household wage was $1201 per year ($17,855.88 today). A 1919 Ford Model T Sedan was about $875 ($13,009.08 in today's money). News: The Treaty of Versailles had ended the First World War in November of 1918, unfairly putting the full blame for the war on