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March 9, 2019


I haven't been posting here much because I wanted to change the focus of this blog, which was originally about genealogy. As much as I love genealogy research, I frankly found writing about it to be quite boring. In this topic, there really isn't much room for snark or humorous commentary, the way there was when I previously hosted a blog about societal issues/current events.

I wanted to do something with social history... but what? That's a pretty broad scope. So... I've settled specifically on Victorian and Edwardian eras. Why this time period? Because, simply, I really like it. It was a time of such change, and I think that back then there was a sense of optimism about the future. So basically, you can expect to see posts here about life from the 1840s through the 1910s. I might occasionally venture into the 1920s, but I'll try to stick to this time period. Food, fashion, music, art, literature, and just everyday life will be the topics -- as will family history from this era, so I'm not abandoning that altogether! I'll feature/pull from contemporary sources such as books, archives newspapers, et cetera. 

I hope that you come along as I explore the history of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It should be fun!

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