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1920s fashion myths

I've become rather fascinated by fashion history of late, and as the 1920s is one of my favorite decades of the past, I wanted to take a look at 1920s fashion -- in particular, what we think we know about it but don't. When you google  “1920s dresses", the images that will come up are basically bad Halloween costumes. Short skirts with lots of fringe, stiletto t-strap heels, and feathered headbands. The look is complete with very heavy makeup. And it's totally...  So let's address some misconceptions about women's fashion in this decade. 1.  Body type.  A very common idea is the ideal female body type in the 1920s was tall and rail-thin (like Lady Mary in  Downton Abbey ). Actually, think more Clara Bow, who was 5'3" and 112 pounds, neither tall nor super-slim. Boxy and flat-chested was the ideal shape.  2.  Skirt length.  They were certainly shorter than they had been in the previous decade, but dresses in the 1920s genera