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Three generations of George Norbury Mackenzies

A few months ago, I and my best friend were at an antiques shop, and I found some old photos in a bin. On looking through them, I found four of people who were members of the same family. Because of my dad's health challenges, and then his recent passing, I've only now gotten around to posting them. Perhaps descendants of the family will see this post. The first photo is of George Norbury Mackenzie I, 11 February 1824 - 31 January 1887. From what I could find on this gentleman on, he was born in Maryland, son of Thomas Mackenzie and Tacy Burges Norbury.  This is his wife, Martha Anna Downing Mackenzie (7 April 1827 - 16 Dec 1894), daughter of Howell Downing and Harriet Gorsuch: This is their son, George Norbury Mackenzie II (4 May 1851 - 11 February 1919): George Norbury Mackenzie II was author of  Colonial families of the United States of America, in which is given the history, genealogy and armorial bearings