September 12, 2015

Marriage record for henry Richard Howes and Evelyn Giard Rogers

It's funny how, every time I think I've exhausted the internet for genealogical information, something else pops up. Over the past couple of weeks, I've found a few interesting things on FamilySearch and MyHeritage, and one of those things was the marriage record of my maternal grandfather to his second wife.

My grandfather Henry Richard Howes first married my grandmother Dorothy Elizabeth Palmer on 26 Jun 1936 in Medford, Massachusetts. My mother would be born the following April.

Henry and Dorothy divorced on 3 February 1948. Dorothy remarried George Everett Maynard by 1952, and Henry remarried Evelyn Giard. Mom lived with her mother and stepfather Everett; she didn't have much contact with her father Henry, and thus didn't really know Evelyn or her half-brother, the son that Henry and Evelyn had together.

I knew that Henry must have married Evelyn between Henry's divorce from Dorothy in 1948 and the birth of his son with Evelyn in 1950. On FamilySearch, there is a database called New Hampshire Marriage Certificates 1948-1959, in which, after poring through the un-indexed collection, found the marriage record of Henry Howes to Evelyn:

Image courtesy of FamilySearch

So Henry and Evelyn married on 27 May 1949 in Plaistow, New Hampshire. She was also previously married, which surprised me for some reason; I had always thought, for some reason, that this was her first marriage. Her first husband was Ernest Rogers, and she was divorced.

Henry and Evelyn remained married until Henry's death on 24 June 1987 in Norway, Maine. Evelyn died on 9 December 1994 in South Paris, Maine. They are buried together at Hillside Cemetery in East Stoneham, Maine.

Still slogging though the database to see if I can find the marriage record of my grandmother Dorothy to her second husband George Everett Maynard... stay tuned.

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