October 3, 2015

Marriage record for Dorothy Palmer and George Everett Maynard

Before leaving for my mini-vacation two weeks ago, I managed to find the marriage record for my grandmother Dorothy Elizabeth Palmer Howes to her second husband, George Everett Maynard (he went by his middle name).

Dorothy divorced my grandfather Henry Richard Howes on 3 February 1948, and she married Everett on 2 July 1948, in Nottingham, New Hampshire.

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Mom was 11 years old when her mom remarried, and her relationship with her stepfather Everett was fairly good. He was extremely strict; if Mom didn't make honor roll, she was grounded for the entirety of the next marking period. Knowing Mom, she probably didn't make things easy for Everett, either... she could be stubborn and was quite rebellious as a kid, by her own admission.

What surprised me about the marriage record was that this was Everett's first marriage. Just as I was surprised that my grandfather Henry's second wife Evelyn had been previously married, I was surprised that Everett was not.

Dorothy and Everett remained married until the late fifties or early sixties.

I've since found a couple of other records that recently became available on FamilySearch, so please stay tuned!

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