February 1, 2015

Right Parkers, wrong Margaret

January was a very busy month for me, so blogging has been slow. Yesterday I was finally able to do a bit of research, and made a breakthrough on my PARKER line.

You know how I keep writing about how the single biggest mistake made in genealogy is confusing two people with the same name? Well, I found another instance of that in my own research. Thankfully, I discovered the error and fixed it.

My 3rd great-grandmother was Margaret Parker, who married Captain Christopher Simmonds in New Brunswick in 1844.

I originally had her parents as being James Manning Parker and Euphemia Sinclair. They had a daughter named Margaret, but I found some information showing that this Margaret may have married someone else. So I wanted to confirm whether or not the Margaret who married Christopher Simmonds was the daughter of James and Euphemia Sinclair.

Yesterday morning I found my answer, with some help from folks via a Facebook genealogy group.

I had Margaret's death as being 14 January 1913, but could not find a record of it when I search the Nova Scotia vital records online.

Turns out, this is because she had remarried a Henry Porter in 1896, so her surname when she passed was not Simmonds. A search of "Margaret Porter" brought up her death record. Unfortunately, Nova Scotia death records at this time did not record parents' names.

But marriage records did, and when I found that of her marriage to Henry Porter, I got the answer to my question. The names of Margaret's parents were given as Thomas and Rachel, who turned out to be Thomas Parker and Rachel Cross.

This Thomas Parker was the nephew of James Manning Parker-- his father was also Thomas Parker, who was a brother of James, so the line wasn't totally wrong. The two Margarets I had mixed up were first cousins once removed.

The Parkers were Loyalists from New Jersey who immigrated to Canada in 1783 after the Revolutionary War ended. They were an interesting family, and I'll write more about them in a future entry.

Thomas Parker (1775-1868), 5th great-grandfather

Ancestry line:

Thomas PARKER I (1775-1868) m. Ann MEARS
Thomas PARKER II (1802-1870) m. Rachel CROSS
Margaret PARKER (1829-1913) m. Christopher SIMMONDS
Thomas Parker SIMMONDS (1873-1953) m. Jessie May BAKER
Estelle SIMMONDS (1893-1930) m. Horace William HOWES
Henry Richard HOWES (1913-1987) m. Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father

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  1. Hey Karen it has been a while. Right, on your Margaret. James & Effie's daughter Margaret b 8/12/1826 married Abel Beeman on 7/8/1848 and had 3 children that died in infancy. Abel/infants buried at St. Anne's Cemetery. Mark Farrell