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In 1914...

For the coming new year, I thought I would take a time machine back to 1914-- 100 years ago-- and see what life was like and what was happening. 1914, via the Great War, marked the end of the Edwardian era and what Mark Twain had dubbed “The Gilded Age." We were transitioning between the Victorian age to the twenties-- fashions, society, and technology were changing dramatically and rapidly. 1914 fashion lithograph The president was Woodrow Wilson. Average life expectancy was 52 years for males, and 56 years for females. The average cost of an automobile in 1914 was about $550. 1914 Dodge brothers touring car The First World War began on 28 July 1914, though the U.S. was declared neutral and would not officially get involved until 1917. Phonographs allowed people to listen to pre-recorded music on cylinders whenever they wanted to; a musical hit of 1914 was “You Stole My Heart Away" by Henry Burr: Motion pictures were still in their infanc