September 20, 2014

Trekkin' on a vintage TV

Last weekend I and my best friend were watching her remastered Blu-Rays of Star Trek: The Original Series, feasting our eyes on a young and very hot William Shatner. Apparently the original footage of Star Trek: TOS are pretty badly degraded, which is why they were remastered. We commented on how hokey some of the original effects were (e.g., in "The Naked Time", what is supposed to be the corpse of a disease victim on a desolate planet is very clearly a mannequin).

One of us brought up a good point: when Star Trek: TOS was on prime time back in the mid to late 1960's, people would not have been watching this on nice big 60-inch flat screen TVs with 1080p resolution.

They would have been watching on a screen no more than 30 inches, and although there were color televisions in the mid 1960s, most people would have still been watching black and white sets.

Here's an ad from 1967 for a then state-of-the-art RCA telly:

You can also get vintage TVs on eBay!

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