March 22, 2014

PALMER of Hampton, New Hampshire

My earliest PALMER ancestor was William PALMER, who settled in Hampton, New Hampshire. According to the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, William was a freeman who was in Hampton by 1638, when he was licensed by the General Court to begin a plantation. He was a grand juror in 1640.

William left a wife in Ormesby, England-- his first wife was Mary Stamforth, and he had five known children with her. The parish church at Ormesby St. Margaret's cited him in September 1636 for not attending services and excommunicated him.

He married a second wife, Ann UNKNOWN, at some point before leaving with her for the New World on the "Amite" in 1635. His youngest son with Ann was Joseph, my 7th great-grandfather. After William's death in 1646, Ann remarried Francis Plummer on 21 March 1649 in Newbury, and died there on 18 October 1665.

William's will reads as follows:
The day of death being uncertain and the time when uncertain both Religious and human policy call all men before death to dispose of their estate and I being in perfect understanding do thus dispose of my outward estate.
First I will and bequeath to my wife all that her former husband gave her by his will as it is found at my decease. Secondly I give and bequeath to Ann my wife for the term of her life my house and half my twenty acres of land at my house by equal division and five acres of salt marsh and five acres of fresh marsh and to have twenty bushels of Indian corn and my warming pan and the best cushshing and two sows and have half (the use of) my barn during her life and one cow which she will Secondly I bequeath to my son Joseph my house and land at Newbury Thirdly I will and bequeath to my son Christopher all my housing and land in Hampton not already bequeathed and after my wives disease a full enjoyment of all my housing and land in Hampton to him and his heirs for ever and I will that if I and my wife die before my son Joseph be fourteen years of age that son Christopher shall pay to Joseph till he come to the age aforesaid forty shillings by the year also my will is that my daughter Martha shall have ten pounds by the year for two years after my decease to be paid out of my estate further my will is that my daughter Mary shall have twenty pounds paid to her when she shall be at the age of twenty one years to be paid to her out of my estate. Also I will and bequeath to my daughter Mary half my pewter and my featherbed upon the chamber as it is and also her mothers best gowns and my will is that my wife shall keep in repair the Housing she have for her life and I make my son Christopher executor of this my last will.
This eighteen of ye seventh month of 1644
Witness to this my last will
Timothy Dalton Senior
William Palmer
his mark

Ancestry line:

William PALMER (1585-1646) m. Ann UNKNOWN
Joseph PALMER (1644-1715) m. Sarah JACKMAN
Richard PALMER (b. 1675) m. Martha DOWNER 
Samuel PALMER (b. 1713) m. Anne EVANS
Joshua PALMER I (1761-1851) m. Sarah SWETT
Joshua PALMER II (1815-1864) m. Arvilla BAILEY
George Bailey PALMER (1850-1926) m. Mary Olivia PURINTON
Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) m. Bessie Maud WINSLOW
Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984 m. Henry Richard HOWES
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father

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