February 15, 2014

Oh my goodness-- Shirley Temple was a cousin!

Last week we lost the most famous child star of the 20th century, and probably the last actor of the 1930's. This affected me more than I would have thought... as one comment I came across on the internet sadly observed, the Greatest Generation had Shirley Temple while we have Honey Boo-Boo. Temple was one of the very few child stars to grow into adulthood unscathed; she was scandal-free and an all-around class act.

That said, I'm proud to say that she and I have a couple of cousin connections: We descend from John LOTHROP, a nonconformist minister who settled in Plymouth, and Henry SEWALL, father of Salem Witch Trial judge Samuel SEWALL and his brother Stephen, who served as clerk of court during said trials.

Shirley's SEWALL line:

Henry SEWALL (1614-1700) m. Jane DUMMER
Stephen SEWALL (1657-1725) m. Margaret MITCHELL
Susannah SEWALL (1691-1747) m. Aaron PORTER
Joanna PORTER (1718-1749) m. Josiah CLEVELAND
Mehitable CLEVELAND (1748-1825) m. Zachariah LOTHROP
Elizabeth LOTHROP (1772-1818) m. Hezekiah ALLEN
Eliza ALLEN (1799-1889) m. Robert TEMPLE
Reuben Smith TEMPLE (1821-1893) m. Jane W. DUNHAM
Francis Marion TEMPLE (1850-1896) m. Cynthia Fell YEAGER
George Francis TEMPLE (1888-1980) m. Gertrude Amelia KRIEGER
Shirley Jane TEMPLE (1928-2014)

Shirley's LOTHROP line:

John LOTHROP (1578-1653) m. Hannah HOWSE
Samuel LOTHROP (1620-1699) m. Elizabeth SCUDDER
Israel LOTHROP (1659-1733) m. Rebecca BLISS
William LOTHROP (1696-1778) m. Sarah HUNTINGTON
Zachariah LOTHROP (17224-1817) m. Mehitable ALLEN

(the rest same as above)

I descend from Stephen Sewall's sister Jane, making us 9th cousins on this line; and I descend from Samuel LOTHROP's half-sister Abigail (John's daughter by his second wife Anne HAMMOND), making us 11th cousins here.

Rest in peace, Shirley. It's an honor to be related to you, however distantly.

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