August 17, 2013

EATON of Salisbury, Massachusetts

The progenitor of my Eaton ancestors in America was John EATON I (~1595-1668). His wife was Anne Unknown (it was not Anne CROSSMAN, as is commonly given; that Anne married another John Eaton). Anne Unknown was born about 1617 and died on 5 February 1660).

They were in Salisbury, Massachusetts by 1640, as John appears in the proprietor's books at that time. In 1646, he and his wife Anne moved up to Haverhill, where they spent the rest of their lives. John was a husbandsman, a grand juror, and a prudential man of Salisbury.

John and Anne EATON had several children, who were all born in England. Their son John II, my ancestor, was born about 1619, and married Martha ROWLANDSON of Ipswich, daughter of Thomas and Bridget (KERLEY?) ROWLANDSON. I'm descended from them through two of their children: John III (1646-1717) and Sarah (1654-1726), both born and died in Salisbury.

Mary (White) Rowlandson, who was captured by Narragansett Indians and who later wrote a narrative of her experience, was the sister-in-law of John II and Martha; she was married to Martha's brother, Reverend Joseph Rowlandson.

Ancestry line #1:

John EATON I (~1595-1668) m. Anne Unknown
John EATON II (~1619-1682) m. Martha ROWLANDSON
John EATON III (1646-1717) m. Mary Unknown
John EATON IV (1687-unknown) m. Esther SWETT
John EATON V (1714-unknown) m. Hannah FOWLER
Jemima EATON (1747-1791) m. Christopher CROSS
Hannah CROSS (1768-1858) m. John MUNROE
Anna MUNROE (1793-1875) m. Richard SIMMONDS
Christopher SIMMONDS (1816-1894) m. Margaret Esther PARKER
Thomas Parker SIMMONDS (1871-1953) m. Jessie May BAKER
Estelle May SIMMONDS (1893-1930) m. Horace William HOWES
Henry Richard HOWES (1913-1987) m. Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father
Me (b. 1974)

Ancestry line #2:

John EATON I (~1595-1668) m. Anne Unknown
John EATON II (~1619-1682) m. Martha ROWLANDSON
Sarah EATON (1654-1726) m. Robert DOWNER
Martha DOWNER (1678-1723) m. Richard PALMER
Samuel PALMER (1713-1790) m. Anne EVANS
Joshua PALMER I (1761-1851) m. Sarah SWETT
Joshua PALMER II (1815-1864) m. Arvilla BAILEY
George Bailey PALMER (1850-1926) m. Mary Olivia PURINTON
Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) m. Bessie Maud WINSLOW
Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984) m. Henry Richard HOWES
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father (b. 1933)
Me (b. 1974)

Source: Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Vol 4, page 1954.

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