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It's census time!

It's 2020, and you know what that means... the 24th U.S. Federal Census is underway. As an amateur genealogist, I was pretty excited to get my notice in the mail today.

The correspondence directed me to the 2020 census website and gave me a code to input that is specific to my address; then it was time to fill out the questions. Having looked at countless old U.S. census records, I was really curious about the questions they would ask and how they would compare to those asked many decades ago. The form gave several reasons for cooperating with the census by filling it out and submitting it, such as emergency preparedness and knowing how many representatives are needed (which is based on population), one additional reason my history geek self would like to have seen was, “So that future genealogists and your descendants can have a record about you and what you were doing in 2020." I wonder if our ancestors ever thought, while the census takers sat in their parlors filling out …

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